PCA’s Ombudsman program gives those living in long-term care settings a voice in their own care.

Young woman holds the hand of an elderly woman who is lying in bed.

Ombudsmen respond to complaints made by residents and family members; make quality assurance visits to long-term care facilities; and consult with individuals, family members and care providers.

The ombudsman may address issues related to:

  • Residents’ finances: Access to personal funds, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, charges, and billing
  • Quality of life: Concerns about food, the physical environment, and social activities
  • Professional care: Issues concerning medications, nursing care, physician and rehabilitative services and the use of restraints
  • Residents’ rights: Practices and policies that maintain the resident’s dignity; as well as policies regarding admission, transfer and discharge
  • Information and education: Referrals to long-term care programs; assistance in making informed decisions about long term care providers and education about residents’ rights in various long term care settings.

Two organizations are subcontracted by PCA to provide ombudsman services in Philadelphia, based on geographic areas of the city.

Contact an Ombudsman

South, West or North Philadelphia

Center for Advocacy for the Rights and Interests of the Elderly

Main number: 215-545-5728

Fax number: 215-545-5372

Toll free number: 1-800-356-3606

1500 JFK Blvd., Suite 1500

Philadelphia, PA 19102

Northeast or Northwest Philadelphia

Center in the Park

Main number: 215-844-1829

Fax number: 215-848-4015

5818 Germantown Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19144

Become a Volunteer Ombudsman

Sixty percent of consumers residing in long term care facilities never receive a visitor.

Often, residents in long-term care facilities are unable to advocate for themselves. Volunteer ombudsmen visit long-term care facilities with the goal of helping to improve the quality of life for residents.  If you enjoy visiting with older adults, learning new skills, and encouraging families and residents to find solutions, consider becoming a volunteer ombudsman.

To find out more, call 215-765-9040

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