Become a Host Site

There is no cost to become a host site, and the workshops are free to participants. Host sites are responsible for recruiting participants; providing space; and scheduling the six-week workshops. Volunteer lay leaders will be assigned to the workshop once it is scheduled.

Requirements to become a host site

  • Host sites are expected to recruit 20 – 25 participants for each workshop
  • Sites must provide a dedicated space, with tables and chairs, to comfortably accommodate 20-25 people; and a designated space to store supplies.
  • Space must be available for six 2-1/2 hour workshop sessions
  • Sites must provide a contact list of participants
  • Sites are expected to provide snacks/refreshments

If your organization is interested in becoming a host site, please contact PCA’s Program Management Department at 215-765-9000 ext. 5134.

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