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Posted By Alicia Colombo

Health Brief: Cheers to a healthy new year!

The new year allows for a clean slate. There are changes we can make now to lower stress levels, improve overall health and strengthen relationships.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Recipe Box: Try these healthy comfort foods

If you’re looking to kick-off the new year with a healthy start, Milestones has a couple recipes to get you started.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Recipe Box: Festive dishes for any holiday celebration

In observance of this festive season, this month’s Recipe Box includes savory dishes for every celebration.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Health Brief: Eat smart this holiday season

Older adults – especially those living with diabetes – can stick to a meal plan that ensures they’ll keep both their weight and blood sugar in check.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

Recipe Box: Hearty meals can be healthy meals

For those caring for loved ones during a pandemic, cooking can seem like just an extra chore that requires even more time many of us can’t afford. Fortunately, as we move into cooler temperatures, hearty dishes, such as soups, casseroles and slow-cooker meals are ideal and require minimal prep and supervision. These meals are generally packed with nutrition, provided by your favorite seasonable vegetables. Try those listed below or add your own favorite produce to any of these fall classics.

Farmers' markets offer just-picked produce. (iStock)
Posted By Michael Hanisco

Older Philadelphians receive produce vouchers through PCA during COVID-19 crisis

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) is excited to announce that it served more than 25,000 older Philadelphians through the 2020 Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) by completing the program entirely by mail during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Recipe Box: Foods to help you sleep

What you eat can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Recipe Box: Tasty, vegetable-packed recipes

Here are two great recipes for your Labor Day cookout. Both are under 30 minutes prep time, so you can take advantage of a day that was meant for rest and relaxation.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

COVID-19: Information and resources for older Philadelphians


In response to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the city of Philadelphia and other agencies have made resources available to older Philadelphians to stay safe, healthy and informed.

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