Corporate Matching Gifts

Did you know that you could double or even triple your donation? Many employers offer matching gifts. Just request and fill out your employer’s matching gift form, then submit it to PCA for verification.  It’s that simple! For more information about Matching Gifts, please call the Development Office at 215-765-9000, ext. 5067 or

What is a Matching Gift?

A company makes a matching gift when an employee has made a donation to a non-profit organization and applies for their company to match their gift to that same organization.  Most companies match charitable contributions at an equal amount and sometimes greater.  A matching gift is a great way for a donor to increase their contribution to PCA.

How can I apply for a matching gift?

The process required for a matching gift may vary from one company to another.  Please contact your Human Resources department for instructions.

Can I use my company’s online donation process?

Yes, many companies provide an online matching gift process to their employees.  PCA will receive notification of your matching gift request electronically once all the requirements of the online process have been completed.

Once the form is submitted, how long does it take PCA to receive my matching gift?

Companies will distribute matching gift funds according to their established policies, with most companies making quarterly distributions.  Please contact your company directly for information to determine when funds are distributed.

Do companies always match charitable gifts?

Not always.  The request must meet the minimum requirements of the company’s matching gift policy.  Many companies do not match gifts for part-time employees and most companies set maximum amounts for gift matches per individual employee.  Other requirements may also be established by companies for a gift to be eligible for the company match.

However, many companies do match the gifts of retired employees and charitable donations made by an employee’s spouse.  Therefore it is always recommended that you make direct contact with your company to review requirements and procedures.
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